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During our Arrangement I would like to meet in public, but I’m concerned about being noticed in the public eye. Can you dress low key or wear business attire?

Absolutely. During our time together I want you to be as relaxed and comfortable as possible. I do take dress requests, but always dress elegantly and classy unless specific requests are requested.


Do you like arrangements that are in public including dinner arrangements, casino dates, or a formal event?

Yes! I actually prefer our time together to be a longer arrangement especially if its our first time meeting. I prefer to get to know you a little better before the fun starts over some stimulating conversation.


I’m nervous about how to go about giving you your donation in public or private, what are you comfortable with how I should I go about this?

Please put the donation in a unsealed envelope in the restroom if we are meeting in private, if we are in public please put the unsealed envelope in a magazine or gift bag, please.


Do you like couples?

Yes, I love spending time with couples that are down to earth and fun. Please don’t be shy to ask.


Can I just call you instead of email?

No! Please understand Gentlemen that email is the most sufficient way of getting in touch with me or my assistant. No calls will be responded too.


Do I really have to fill out the Booking/Screening form? I’m a really private person and concerned about my confidentiality.

Please Gentlemen understand that all the Booking/Screening forms are kept confidential between myself and my Assistant. The information is kept private and only used to make sure I’m completely safe and comfortable with seeing you. I accept 2 references that are only well established reputable ladies that have a email and website. Gentlemen please understand that I prefer quality over quantity meaning that I only see Gentlemen who are high caliber and keep only a small amount of contact with who I see.

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