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Gentlemen I’m looking forward to our rendezvous together.


I always believed in treating people the way that I always wanted to be treated; with respect and simple human decency. I believe in always giving back to the people that treat and respect me the most, because one hand always washes the other. And the more good and generosity you bring to the world always comes back times fold in so many positive ways.


I’m going to list common sense etiquette decency that I expect from you as soon as our engagement starts.


* Please don’t negotiate the donation that you have agreed to prior to our arrangement. As soon as our first 5 mins of meeting please leave the unsealed envelope in the restroom.


* Please understand that my Assistant knows my exact location and our exact time that we have agreed to prior to meeting. If any awkward or unsafe environment or feelings where I feel uncomfortable or threatened where no means no our engagement will be terminated immediately with no refund.

“Elite Luxury NYC


“Jet Setter Glamour Model”